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Lightning strikes hits hard!

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Peeled grass of the lawn, hit sockets out of the walls and broken floor tile.

Lightning strikes hits hard,

At least for ham radio operators. Luckily i must say that all my radioes was disconnected at the time of this event, but the damage was still done.

Powerful forces were at work when the storm hit free over my house Monday for some weeks ago.

- I stood at the window and tried to photograph lightning, when it suddenly struck here. While I stood in the window, I can not remember either light or movement. I should probably have been knocked out for a moment, said Espe. (ref comment to the local newspaper)

Its heard that people who were up to a mile away felt that the ground was shaking when the lightning struck.

Lucky no one was hurt

- There have been major forces at work. Daughter of seven was asleep just a meter from a floor tile that appears to have exploded in the hallway. We've had really good luck. We shall be glad all that was in the house are in the same. (yet another comment from the local news)

Probably lightning struck the flagpole outside the house first. Around it is the grass outright peeled off the lawn.

Broken heat pump, PC, Playstation, TV decoder, telephone, and electrical outlet.

We have found the phone contacts remain on the other side of the room and stuck in a dresser. Wires are melted and lightning had knocked out telephone lines, at least out to the near post. The power went of course.

Below is a small series of pictures related to this lightning strike, enjoy:


Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 August 2013 06:00

LA2YSA/M my new setup!

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Recently I have bought some new equipment for my second car, the idea of this was to have a complete mobile / portable setup, that can easily be used at a parking lot, or at higher altitude in the Norwegian mountain roads.

Anyway, this VW Vento 95mob have now been fitted with the following:

- Icom IC-7000 with external monitor, for easier visibility when driving
- Little Tarheel II 3,5MHz to 50MHz motorised antenna, with Ameritron SDC-102 controller
- Yaesu VX-7R with TinyTrak3 and GPS, for APRS position reporting
- The PC and microHAM USB III interface is "optional" for Digimode use

And off course, my pictures below:



Last Updated on Monday, 27 May 2013 21:17

LA2YSA/P on Sotra Island

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Recently I have been doing some testing with a portable setup for my car.

In this car I have made a mount for the antenna on the hitch, the antenna in use in the picture below is a KX-520B vertical all-band antenna.
Antenna with mast-elements is about 10M high, inside the car i have a laptop, with a MicroHAM USB III interface, connected to a Icom 706MKII.

We had a nice sunset this day!

Last Updated on Saturday, 06 April 2013 22:21

LA1FDG 2012 Pictures

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Last Updated on Saturday, 06 April 2013 23:27
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