Rust Server are hosting the Rust server “Rusted Norwegians – The harsh experience!”

This page will describe the rules and contact information for our community.

Our server is mostly Norwegian speaking, however everyone are welcome.


Our Discord server can be accessed by the link:


Commands & Information

Basic commands avaliable for the player on our server are:

/sethome X – Set the home number you want to teleport to (aim on building foundation)
/home X – Teleport to the already set home
/removehome X – Removed the set home X

/players – List all online players

/remove – Removes placed foundations/building blocks/items, may require resources.

/skin – Add an item to the new item holder (right-side), and drag out the item w/skin that you would like to use.

/pr – Player Ranks, gives you statistics of the leading players this round.

/clan – Clans plugin, see link, for detailed explanation.

/pr – Player Rank

BackPack: “F1” command+enter “bind b” to bind your B-key to open/close your backpack.

Plugins installed:
BackPacks, BalloonPlus, BetterLoot, VehicleLicense , ChinookDropRandomizer, Clans, CraftingController, DayNightGather, EnhancedHammer, Friends, FurnaceSplitter, GatherManager, HeliControl, NoDecay, NoEscape (RaidBlock & CombatBlock), NTeleportation, Player Ranks, QuickSmelt, RemoverTool, StackSizeController, TimeOfDay (Shorter nights), ZLevelsRemastered (Mining/Wood/Gather Levelling/increase), Skins.

Server Rules

# 1: Be kind!
Be respectful! Any hate speech, harassment, threatening, and other evil behaviours will never be tolerated. #quickban

# 2: No griefing allowed!
While raiding, griefing is not allowed. Any base should be left behind to be accessed by the owner.
Items; Take what you need, leave the rest behind. (Locked boxes, is every own’s responibility. Loot will disappear when locked creates are destroyed, if not taken by the raiders.)

# 3: Toxic players will be banned!
Self explaining, active admins are playing, and all chat logs are saved, be kind.

# 4: Max 5 players in each team!
Invite all your friends, but sharing of loot/bases, and raiding is max 5 players.

# 5: Have fun!
The most important rule, have fun!

If any questions regarding rules, ask Takst3in (Discord), and it will be decided/specified.

All ideas/recommendations to the server setup are welcome at any time, changes might require an poll to be decided.

If you are enjoying my servers, and want to provide funds to add specific plugins, please contact Takst3in. All funds from donations will be used to host the server, and/or specific plugins requested by the person donating. Contact “Takstein” on Discord after providing Donation.